Sunday 31 October 2004

Update to RDF Data Access Use Cases

RDF Data Access Use Cases and Requirements

Somehow I feel the combined smarts of the W3C should be able to come up with more exciting use cases than finding the top 10 movies which also had soundtracks that came top 10 in the charts..? How is that supposed to energise a new industry to make its data available in RDF?

The use cases don't come from the real world that I live in... random quotes:

"José sends a query to the Census Bureau's new RDF storage server and requests that his client pass the query results to an XSLT transformation service so that he can print the resulting XHTML."

"Zoe wrote an IRC bot that they use to make assertions -- which the bot stores as RDF."

I hope someone out there is thinking about this stuff in a bit more end-user-friendly manner!