Thursday 20 November 2008

QCon SF 2008, day two

It's a shame that I missed the first day of QCon SF, especially as I enjoyed it so much last year. I was a paid delegate in 07 but this year I qualify for "starving student" rates (ie free), in exchange for volunteering by manning one of the session rooms tomorrow. Luckily that's the room about distributed databases so I probably would have gone to a lot of those sessions anyway. (For people looking for where to go, the "how did they build that?" architectures track is always great as well, but many of the people speaking were there last year as well so I don't really mind not going to that track, but I recommend it if you're into that stuff.)

I couldn't go to day one as I had classes yesterday, but from talking to a few people it seems that the better sessions were all today anyhow. The logistics were all great as usual, the wireless came thick and fast, and the food was pretty good -- ya gotta love that mid-afternoon ice cream run to keep the sugar levels high!

I'll spread the news over a few posts so if people want to comment on a particular section they can do so.

PS I might try to dig up my notes from last year's conference, as they seemed to go down well when I sent them around internally last year. That will probably qualify as the most out-of-date blog post ever!